Prenuptial Agreements are among the most misunderstood aspects of California family law. Contrary to what some people believe, prenuptial agreements are not designed by people who are not committed to their spouse. A premarital agreement is a tool that allows couple to negotiate in advance customized solutions instead of relying on what California law generally provides. Prenuptial agreements allow spouses to plan their financial future together, including the establishment of protections in the event something happens to either spouse and ensure that the spouses are entering into the marriage with full financial disclosure.

Prenuptial agreements are particularly helpful when couples have complex personal and business lives. They can establish how property will be treated or divided in the event of divorce or death and can limit the amount of spousal support that will be paid if the parties divorce.

Jennifer Skolnick has worked with husbands, wives and same sex couples handling sophisticated prenuptial agreements. She understands that prenuptial agreements often can be very difficult to negotiate. It is a time when people who are in love are forced to discuss difficult financial issues. Jennifer is able to handle the negotiation of these agreements with sensitivity, so that her client can protect their interests while staying on good terms with their future spouse. Skolnick Family Law drafts and negotiates prenuptial agreements governed by California law and provides second opinions on such agreements that have been drafted by other attorneys.

The law regarding prenuptial agreements is complex and full of traps for the unwary. If you or loved one is considering entering into a prenuptial agreement, it is important that each party have sufficient time to review the agreement in advance of the marriage or wedding. You are more likely to protect your interests and avoid unnecessary stress if you don’t leave the negotiation of the agreement to the last minute.