Los Angeles Child Custody Attorney


Establishing a child custody agreement can be one of the most difficult aspects of a divorce or a paternity case. While every parent wants what is best for the children, emotions can run high and parents’ judgments can become clouded. Skolnick Family Law will work with you to negotiate a fair parenting plan that puts your child first.

Child custody arrangements can have a substantial impact on other family law matters such as child support and spousal support. This is why it is imperative to seek experienced legal counsel, such as a Certified Family Law Specialist. Jennifer Skolnick is committed to achieving her clients’ goals in an efficient manner, minimizing conflict as much as possible.

She has experience working in high conflict cases, such as where one parent suffers from a personality disorder, psychological impairment, addiction or simply creates conflict to spite the other parent. These disputes often involve parental alienation, false allegations of child abuse or domestic violence. Children caught in the middle may suffer from serious emotional and psychological trauma.

Some of the most difficult custody disputes arise when one parent wants to move far away from the other parent.
No matter which side you may be on, Jennifer Skolnick can offer experienced advice and guidance.